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Build-in Multiple

Support render multiple Swagger UI.


Add two attribute in swagger-ui tag:

  1. grouped: every swagger-ui with grouped attribute in same page will be collect into single Swagger UI
  2. name: Swagger UI top bar selector display text, default value is the src content

The Swagger UI with multiple OAS takes the first grouped swagger-ui tag position.

## Multiple OAS in single Swagger UI

<swagger-ui grouped name="Pet Store" src=""/>
<swagger-ui grouped name="Sample" src="./openapi-spec/sample.yaml"/>
<swagger-ui grouped name="Sample First" src="./openapi-spec/sample-first.yaml"/>
<swagger-ui grouped name="Sample Second" src="./openapi-spec/sample-second.yaml"/>
<swagger-ui grouped name="Sample Third" src="./openapi-spec/sample-third.yaml"/>

## Other independent Swagger UI

<swagger-ui src="./openapi-spec/sample.yaml"/>

Multiple OAS in single Swagger UI

Other independent Swagger UI